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Vehicle Registration Info Now Available on LA Wallet App

The Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV) and software firm Envoc have updated the LA Wallet app to include vehicle registration, marking significant progress in digital licensing and vehicle management. This addition aligns with Louisiana's mission to enhance digital services, promising more efficient interactions between citizens and governmental systems. The app, also offering a myriad of other services, is emerging as a comprehensive digital tool for state residents.



Liz Swaine To Leave Position As Director of Shreveport’s Downtown Development Authority

SHREVEPORT, Louisiana - Liz Swaine, who has been at the helm of the Shreveport Downtown Development Authority (DDA) and the non-profit Downtown Shreveport Development...


Shreveport Should Treat Its Local Businesses Like G-Unit

The city of Shreveport is planning to lease the 70,000 sq.ft Millennium Studios facility to Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson's G-Unit Film & Television, Inc. for $2,400 per year. As the property has been vacant for a decade, the potential agreement is appealing. However, concerns have been raised over the city giving valuable assets to private businesses based on speculative economic impact instead of supporting local small businesses. The comparison has been drawn to the city removing local businesses for overdue lease payments while offering substantial property to out-of-state companies at significantly low rates.
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Shreveport Pregnancy Clinic Offers Free Perinatal Health Services

Shreveport Pregnancy Clinic (SPC) has established itself as a community pillar in Shreveport, offering free services such as ultrasounds, counseling, and parenting classes to expectant parents. Notably, the clinic introduced an innovative "Baby Bucks" program, incentivizing parental involvement in caregiving learning activities and providing material support. SPC, funded by community contributions, showcases a deep commitment to community welfare, with services available regardless of the beneficiaries' background or circumstances.

CDC Shines Light on Disturbing Disparities in Infant Mortality Rates, Urgent Call to Action for Black Communities

A recent CDC report reveals major disparities in infant mortality rates, particularly affecting communities of color. This includes a tenfold rise in newborn syphilis cases over the past decade. The report uncovers root causes like structural racism, economic hardship, and healthcare access. Urgent collaborative efforts between stakeholders and diverse healthcare workforce are needed for strategies to mitigate infant deaths and foster equitable healthcare.

CDC Urges Action as Newborn Syphilis Cases Soar Tenfold: A Call to Address Disparities

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warns of a tenfold rise in newborn syphilis cases over the past decade, severely affecting communities of color. Over 3,700 infants were born with syphilis in 2022. The CDC urges necessary action, highlighting the tragic effects of syphilis during pregnancy and stressing timely testing and treatment. Nearly 90% of 2022's cases were preventable with effective prenatal care. To counter the crisis, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services established a task force dedicated to reducing syphilis rates and promoting health equity.

Study Links Air Pollution to Increased Parkinson’s Disease Risk, Shreveport Identified as Hotspot

Shreveport, Louisiana - A recent study conducted by researchers at the Barrow Neurological Institute has revealed a concerning connection between air pollution and the...

AI in Healthcare Propagate Harmful Race-Based Medicine, Study Finds

In a groundbreaking study published in the npj| Digital Medicine journal, a team of researchers led by Jesutofunmi A. Omiye, Jenna C. Lester, Simon...


Things To Do This Week: 12/5 – 12/10

Here is your weekly event lineup in Shreveport - Bossier from December 5-10, 2023. Join various activities including crafting sessions at The ClayGround, festive dish creation at Ed's Emporium, live entertainment and dining at local bars, art walks, and holiday cheer in Downtown Shreveport. Enjoy shows like Ballet, Comedy Magic at Laugh Out Loud Comedy Club, and end the week with a chilled out vibe at the Louisiana Daiquiri Cafe.

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