Mayor Arceneaux Vetoes Noise Ordinance

Shreveport Mayor Tom Arceneaux Vetoes Divisive Noise Ordinance Passed by Council at Last Session


Shreveport Mayor Tom Arceneaux has taken action to block a recently approved noise ordinance that was passed by city council members last week.

On October 16, the Mayor’s Office issued a press statement announcing Mayor Arceneaux’s veto of Ordinance 110 of 2023 and its accompanying Ordinance No. 111 of 2023, as approved by the City Council.

According to the official release, Mayor Arceneaux’s veto message was physically delivered to the Interim Clerk of the Council on October 16.

In the message conveying his decision, Arceneaux expressed his concern about the intended purpose of Ordinance 110 and Ordinance 111, which aimed to regulate excessive noise generated by amplified sound. The Mayor criticized the standards established by the City Council, asserting that they allowed for amplified sound levels that, in his opinion, exacerbated the situation rather than improving it.

On October 10, the Shreveport City Council convened to vote on the imposition of a city-wide noise limit of 85 decibels until 1:59 a.m. for restaurants and bars.

During the council session, Councilman Alan Jackson proposed an amendment, which was subsequently approved. This amendment raised the allowable decibel levels to 85 decibels until 2 a.m., and then lowered them to 80 decibels until 7 a.m. This change deviated from the original draft revision, which had set limits at 70 and 60 decibels during those respective hours.

Mayor Arceneaux’s full memo on his decision to veto the ordinance can be viewed here:—Mayor-Veto-Message-Ord

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