Marshall Police Unmask ‘Grandson in Peril’ Phone Scam


Marshall, Texas – Community on Alert: Marshall Police Issue Scam Alert Following Disturbing Phone Call. In an unsettling turn of events, the Marshall Police Department (MPD) has sounded the alarm on a disconcerting scam phone call that recently targeted a local resident, sending shockwaves through the community.

According to MPD’s report, the caller, cunningly disguised as a law enforcement representative, dropped a shocking bombshell on the unsuspecting resident. They claimed that the resident’s grandson had been embroiled in a traffic accident, one that had devastatingly resulted in the loss of an unborn child, tugging at the heartstrings of the concerned family member.

Adding another layer of deceit to their malevolent plot, the caller then demanded a staggering sum of $11,000 to secure the grandson’s release and ensure that the incident would be expunged from his record. To further hoodwink the distressed grandmother, the impersonator allowed her to speak with an individual masquerading as her beloved grandson, who was disturbingly familiar with his name.

Thankfully, this harrowing ordeal took a turn for the better when it was confirmed that the young man in question was safe and sound, diligently attending school, and was in no way linked to the claimed accident. The relieved MPD promptly issued a cautionary message to the community, imploring residents to exercise vigilance and urging them to refrain from sharing personal information or parting with their hard-earned money based on unsolicited calls. Instead, the MPD stressed the importance of independently verifying such claims by reaching out to local law enforcement or contacting the concerned family member directly using known and trusted contact numbers.

As the word spreads, the tight-knit community of Harrison County unites in defense against these ruthless scammers. Together, they stand vigilant, protecting not only themselves but also their cherished loved ones from the nefarious intentions of these impersonators. In the face of adversity, Harrison County remains steadfast, keeping its community safe from those who would seek to deceive and exploit.

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