10 Felons in Custody as Unlawful Firearms Vanish from Streets


SHREVEPORT, LA- The Shreveport Police Department has embarked on a relentless mission to curb the scourge of unlawfully possessed firearms wreaking havoc on the city’s streets. With unwavering dedication, Chief Wayne Smith and his team persistently explore innovative strategies to disarm those who harbor intentions of violence. In the past several days, dating back to October 10th, this vigilant endeavor has led to the apprehension of 10 individuals caught in possession of firearms, a forbidden privilege resulting from their prior felony convictions.

The unyielding pursuit of justice has yielded significant results, with all 10 individuals now facing charges of being convicted felons in possession of a firearm, accompanied by a range of additional criminal allegations. As tangible proof of their actions, all firearms have been meticulously seized and preserved as evidence in these cases.

It’s a paramount principle of the legal system to remember that every suspect is considered innocent until proven guilty. In their relentless drive to ensure the safety and well-being of the community, the Shreveport Police Department strives to make a tangible impact in reducing the threat posed by illegally held firearms.”

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