High-Speed Drama Unfolds in Shreveport: One Arrested, Two on the Run After Roadside Shooting


SHREVEPORT, LA- On the 16th of October, 2023, the city of Shreveport bore witness to a gripping episode that began when an on-duty Shreveport City Marshal Deputy requested urgent police assistance. The deputy had caught sight of a speeding vehicle, but the situation took a dangerous turn as the occupants inside the vehicle opened fire through the windows. In response, the City Marshal Deputy endeavored to halt the vehicle, sparking a dramatic pursuit.

Shreveport Police Officers swiftly swung into action, collaborating to navigate the high-speed chase. The pursuit culminated in a heart-pounding climax as the fleeing vehicle veered off the road. Officers successfully apprehended the alleged driver, identified as Raymond Henry, while the identities of two other suspects who had fled the scene on foot remain shrouded in mystery.

Raymond Henry, born on September 4, 2001, now finds himself facing serious charges, including one count of Aggravated Flight in a Vehicle and one count of Illegal Use of a Weapon. Law enforcement authorities managed to secure one of the weapons involved in the incident. The Shreveport City Marshal’s Office played a pivotal role in their proactive assistance during this high-stakes case.

The Shreveport Police Department is urging anyone possessing information about the two elusive suspects to come forward and aid the investigation. The Violent Crimes Detectives division can be reached at 318-673-7300, option 3. For those who prefer to remain anonymous, Caddo Crime Stoppers stands ready to receive your tips at 318-673-7373. It’s essential to remember that Crime Stoppers values information, not names.

In adherence to the principles of justice, it’s crucial to emphasize that all suspects, including Raymond Henry, are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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