Teen Tuba Player Relentlessly Bullied by Adult During Evangel v North Desoto Football Game

Stock Photo (Gannett Media)

SHREVEPORT, LA – Bullying is an issue we all abhor, especially when it rears its ugly head in schools. Regrettably, it can lead to tragic consequences.

A recent incident at a high school football game has caused quite a stir. Evangel faced off against North DeSoto and, although they lost the game, it’s not the score that’s at the heart of this story. After the game concluded, a parent from the North DeSoto side approached an 8th-grade tuba player. According to multiple social media posts, this adult mercilessly ridiculed the young musician’s tuba, subjecting him to a verbal attack with words unfit for repetition. To add insult to injury, the tuba in question is old, dented, and lacks its former luster.

This heartless incident left the young tuba player in tears, and despite the comforting efforts of concerned parents, the impact of the adult’s cruel words lingered.

In response to this reprehensible behavior, the community has rallied together to raise funds for a brand-new tuba for the young musician. The organizers of a Go Fund Me page have stated, “I do not want him to think about that evil man again when he plays. I really appreciate any donation and prayers. I just want something positive to come out of this ordeal. Thank you in advance!”

It’s worth noting that the young man had only just begun to learn how to play the tuba three months ago.

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