SPD K-9 Nabs Suspects Who Fled From Stolen Vehicle

Fleeing Suspects Captured, Charged with Resisting Arrest, Illegal Possession of Stolen Property, Aggravated Obstruction of a Highway, and Aggravated Flight


SHREVEPORT, La. – In a truly remarkable display of valor and canine prowess, one of Shreveport’s finest police K9s emerged as the true hero in the capture of three suspects who made a hasty escape from a stolen vehicle during a dramatic episode that unfolded on a Wednesday morning.

It all began with the dedicated officers of the Shreveport Police Department, who were determined to execute a routine traffic stop on a vehicle they quickly discovered had been reported as stolen. The stolen car had ventured into the 3700 block of Greenwood Road, seemingly unaware of the relentless gaze of the law.

But when the officers signaled for the vehicle to halt, the defiant driver refused to comply, sparking a brief yet spirited chase through the city’s streets. The tense pursuit came to an unexpected halt when the driver, in a move that puzzled both officers and passengers, made an abrupt stop.

As the car’s engine fell silent, the vehicle’s three occupants wasted no time, seizing the opportunity to flee on foot, each seeking refuge from the impending consequences of their actions. But the officers were undaunted, giving chase with unwavering determination.

However, as the foot pursuit neared its zenith, a silent yet formidable force entered the fray – none other than Shreveport’s very own Police K-9, “Diesel.” This fearless canine, driven by an unwavering dedication to duty, was called upon for assistance.

In a demonstration of his extraordinary skills, Diesel expertly tracked down and apprehended all three fleeing suspects, bringing the manhunt to a victorious conclusion.

Among the captured trio were two individuals, aged 17 and 16, classified as juveniles, and the 18-year-old driver, identified as Javeyun James. James now faces a litany of charges that include resisting arrest, illegal possession of stolen property, aggravated obstruction of a highway, and aggravated flight.

The valiant teamwork of our law enforcement officers and their trusty K9 companion proves that in the pursuit of justice, there’s no escape, and there’s no hiding from the relentless paws of the law. This is a testament to the dedication of our brave officers and their loyal four-legged partners, ensuring the safety of our community. Reporting live from Shreveport, this is your local news team, bringing you the stories that matter most.

Note: The Shreveport Sun no longer publishes photos of persons suspected of crimes. All named persons are presumed innocent.

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