How Caddo Voter Turnout Compared With State in Recent Gubernatorial Elections


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SHREVEPORT, La. – Louisiana’s gubernatorial elections held on October 14, 2023, brought some interesting insights into the voting dynamics within the state. One standout feature was the notable difference in voter turnout between Caddo Parish and the statewide statistics.

Party Preferences:

In Caddo Parish, the Democratic Party led with 46% of the qualified voters, closely followed by the Republican Party with 28%, and “Other” parties accounting for 26%. This local breakdown in party preferences was somewhat reflected in the statewide figures but with a distinct shift. Statewide, the Democratic Party garnered 38.8% of qualified voters, the Republican Party secured 33.8%, and Other parties held 27.5%. While Caddo Parish leaned more towards the Democratic Party, the statewide vote was more evenly split between Democrats and Republicans.

Gender Divide:

The gender divide in Caddo Parish was also noteworthy. In this parish, females outnumbered males at 57.4%, compared to 42.5% of male voters. The statewide figures were similar but with slightly more balanced gender representation. Females constituted 55% of qualified voters statewide, while males made up 44.9%. This gender disparity in Caddo Parish, with a notably higher percentage of female voters, marks an interesting observation.

Racial Composition:

Caddo Parish displayed a balanced racial composition, with White voters at 48.2%, Black voters at 47%, and other races at 4.8%. However, the statewide racial composition skewed differently, with a predominantly White voter base at 62.8%, 31.2% Black voters, and 5.9% other races. These statistics underline a more diverse racial composition in Caddo Parish compared to the state as a whole.

These differences in party preference, gender representation, and racial composition between Caddo Parish and the statewide figures emphasize the local uniqueness in voter turnout within Louisiana. While Caddo Parish demonstrated a higher inclination toward the Democratic Party and a distinct gender disparity, the statewide results were more balanced in terms of party affiliation and gender representation.

It’s essential to remember that these statistics only represent a part of the larger picture, but they provide a valuable insight into the diverse voting patterns and preferences within Caddo Parish and across Louisiana as a whole. The gubernatorial elections have once again highlighted the intricate tapestry of political engagement and diversity of voters in the Pelican State.

Considering these statistics, it will be interesting to see how the candidates for Sheriff in the parish of Caddo will fare in next month’s runoff elections. Will Democrat Henry Whitehorn, Sr. capture the votes that went to his Democrat opponents and capture the office? Or, Will Republican John Nickelson find his base of support enlarged by his showing in the general election? Either way, the results will be interested indeed.

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