Non-Profit Group Advocates for Fair Grounds Field in 2024 Bond Proposal


    SHREVEPORT, La. – Friends of Fair Grounds Field, a non-profit organization, has officially submitted a letter to the Shreveport Capital Improvements Committee, urging them to include Fair Grounds Field in their 2024 bond proposal considerations.

    Their request is motivated by a desire to contribute to the preservation of public funds, which could face strain if the proposed 2024 General Bond Issue is passed alongside a separate $105 million 30-year loan designated for the complete renovation of the ballpark.

    Larry Clark, the Chair of the Capital Improvements Committee, points out that the inclusion of Fair Grounds Field in the bond proposal isn’t guaranteed, as neither the city nor the city council has formally requested the committee to consider it. Clark suggests that this matter may fall within the jurisdiction of the city council.

    Shreveport Mayor Tom Arceneaux has already initiated steps to address the issue by urging the city council to allocate $4 million from the city’s Riverfront Fund to kickstart payments on the 30-year loan intended for the revitalization of Fair Grounds Field.

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