Shreveport Apartment Fire Injures Two, Including a Heroic Firefighter


    SHREVEPORT, La. – October 30, 2023 — An apartment fire in Shreveport on Friday night resulted in injuries to two individuals, one of them being a courageous firefighter from the Shreveport Fire Department (SFD). The incident unfolded at the 9200 block of Dean Road, drawing a swift response from the city’s firefighting heroes.

    The SFD received a distress call about the fire at approximately 11:52 p.m., setting into motion an urgent operation to control the blaze and ensure the safety of all residents.

    Upon arriving at the scene, firefighters were faced with a situation where no visible smoke or flames emanated from the exterior of the second-floor apartment. However, as they made their way inside, they encountered a perilous environment marked by heavy smoke. With unwavering dedication, the SFD team located and promptly extinguished the fire, a testament to their exceptional skills and bravery.

    Trapped within the apartment at the time of the fire was one individual who sustained injuries while escaping to safety. This person was swiftly transported to a local hospital for medical evaluation and treatment.

    The incident took an unfortunate turn as one of Shreveport’s own, a firefighter who had valiantly battled the blaze, was also injured in the line of duty. This heroic firefighter was promptly evaluated and is receiving medical treatment at a local hospital, a stark reminder of the sacrifices made by first responders in the service of their community.

    While the full extent of the damage and the official cause of the fire remains under investigation, early findings indicate that the fire originated within the living room. The possible cause is believed to be related to unattended smoking materials, emphasizing the importance of fire safety and vigilance.

    The Shreveport community extends its thoughts and prayers to those affected by this unfortunate incident. It stands as a testament to the bravery and dedication of the city’s firefighters, who selflessly put their lives on the line to protect and serve. As investigators continue to work towards a comprehensive understanding of the events, the city remains grateful for the heroic efforts of its firefighters.

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