Community Gathers to Remember Maggie Henson: ‘Maggie Lee’s Christmas’ Toy Drive in Shreveport


Shreveport, Louisiana – Community Gathers to Commemorate the Life of Maggie Henson. On a poignant day in Shreveport, Louisiana, the community came together to remember the life of Maggie Henson, a 12-year-old girl whose life was tragically cut short in a church bus accident while en route to a youth camp in 2009. The Henson family organized a heartfelt toy drive event, affectionately named ‘Maggie Lee’s Christmas,’ which took place at Cantina Laredo in Shreveport.

The event drew dozens of individuals from the community who arrived with toys and a variety of food offerings, demonstrating their support and love for Maggie’s memory. The toy drive was a touching tribute to a young life lost too soon and a testament to the enduring bonds that unite the Shreveport community in times of remembrance and reflection.

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