Louisiana Unveils Shreveport State Tax Office, Restores Vital Local Services

Louisiana Restores Local Access: Shreveport Tax Office Reopens After 2012 Closure


Originally Reported by Greg Hilburn, Shreveport Times

SHREVEPORT, Louisiana | November 1, 2023 (The Sun) – In a significant development, the state of Louisiana has reopened a regional tax office in Shreveport, marking a crucial milestone in restoring local access to Department of Revenue services. This move comes after the previous Shreveport office was closed in 2012 due to budget constraints.

The newly established regional office, situated in Suite 12 at 910 Pierremont Road, will cater to the tax needs of residents in northwestern Louisiana.

Secretary of Revenue Kevin Richard expressed the importance of this milestone, stating, “The closure of our Shreveport office due to state budget cuts in 2012 deprived taxpayers in northwest Louisiana of a convenient option for in-person customer service. The reopening of the office provides the area with a vital resource for the resolution of a wide range of state tax matters.”

This development has brought back full walk-in customer service for individual and business taxpayers from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on weekdays, eliminating the need for appointments.

State Representative Thomas Pressly, a Republican from Shreveport who recently won a state Senate seat in the October 14th election, shared his views on this positive change. He said, “It’s always great when the state realizes that Shreveport-Bossier is a vital part of our state that deserves to have convenient access to critical services.” He also pointed out that the lack of regional offices in the state’s third and sixth largest cities for an extended period was unacceptable.

The Shreveport regional office offers a range of services to taxpayers, including:

  • Filing and paying business taxes
  • Submitting completed state individual income tax returns and making payments (please note that staff cannot assist with the completion of tax returns)
  • Boat registrations
  • ATC/Video Poker/Lottery/Driver’s License/Wildlife & Fisheries tax clearances
  • Payment plans
  • Special event registrations
  • Resolving bank levies and wage garnishments

This development is a significant step towards improving access to vital state tax services for residents in Shreveport and the surrounding areas.

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