Shreveport Native Takes the Stage at World Series with Texas Rangers Six Shooters


    SHREVEPORT, La. – Isabella Michels, a Shreveport native, is making her mark at the World Series in an exciting role. This is her debut year as a member of the Texas Rangers Six Shooters, where she plays a significant part in pumping up fans before and during the game.

    Michels expresses her amazement at being part of this remarkable journey. “It’s insane. I mean, coming into this, most people didn’t expect this. You know, people didn’t realize that the Texas Rangers have a future in the World Series. We’ve never won the World Series. You know, so being here, it’s amazing, especially my rookie season,” said Isabella Michels, a member of the Texas Rangers Six Shooters.

    The group engages with fans, interacts with them, and adds a touch of dance to the excitement. “We perform on the field 30 minutes before the first pitch. From the field, we slingshot T-shirts into the stands; it’s really, really fun. It’s really exciting. And then from there, we perform on the dugouts and we throw T-shirts,” Michels explained.

    Michels’ journey to joining the team began in 2021 when she saw the group perform during a Texas Rangers game. Her background in dancing since childhood played a pivotal role in her decision to be part of this thrilling experience. “I’ve been a dancer since I was about four or five years old. So I was like, okay, baseball and dancing, you know, sign me up,” she added. Her journey started right here in Shreveport, and now she’s shining on the World Series stage.

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