Shreveport Police Headquarters Modernization Takes a Step Forward with Architect Selection


    SHREVEPORT, La. – Two years after voters approved a $70 million bond issue to construct a new headquarters for the Shreveport Police, the modernization project is progressing with the selection of an architect.

    Mark Prevot, of Prevot Design Services, has been appointed as the architect for this significant project.

    The current phase involves designing the modernized facility. Shreveport City Councilman Grayson Boucher anticipates that it will take approximately two to three years to complete. The existing police station is in dire need of an update to meet the demands of officers and other personnel.

    Boucher stressed the importance of this new design, noting that it will benefit not only the officers but also all individuals working within the building. The project is substantial, with various phases and design work currently underway. Boucher highlighted the city’s efforts to provide a suitable space for everyone involved.

    While Mark Prevot declined to comment on the project, the new police headquarters will remain at its current location, selected for its convenient access to Interstate 20 and Interstate 49. The modernization will be executed in phases, including the removal of certain parts of the existing building.

    Boucher expressed his belief in the necessity of this change, emphasizing the challenges that the current police station faces, including air conditioning, roofing, and plumbing issues. He shared his excitement for the positive transformation ahead.

    “For five years, this has been a problem. I’m glad to see that the voters have approved the measure for us to do this,” said Boucher.

    The project marks a significant step toward providing the Shreveport Police with a modernized and well-equipped headquarters to serve the community effectively.

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