Caddo Parish to Introduce Disaster Relief Lighthouses on Solar Microgrid


    SHREVEPORT, La. – Caddo Parish is set to establish a network of self-sufficient disaster relief shelters as part of the Community Lighthouse Project. This initiative will bring three neighborhoods onto a solar microgrid and include the installation of wells at all three locations to ensure a continuous supply of water.

    The primary aim of this project is to mitigate power outage-related fatalities. The Highland Center, Morningstar Baptist Church, and Willow Chute Missionary Baptist Church will serve as hosts for these crucial lighthouses.

    Theron Jackson, a key proponent of the project, explained, “Our strategy is for institutions to take a key role in building social infrastructure in our city, block by block. Our goal is to prevent isolation-related deaths, and we’re committed to ensuring that no one suffers in silence.”

    The lighthouses will operate on the principle of the three C’s:

    1. Canvassing: Identifying residents in need of priority assistance within the neighborhoods.
    2. Calling: Establishing a call list to reach out to these individuals during times of disaster.
    3. Caring: Providing support and assistance to the affected residents within the neighborhoods when disaster strikes.

    This community-focused project is designed to enhance disaster preparedness and response, fostering resilience and support within Caddo Parish.

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