Shreveport Homeless Shelter Implements 24/7 Aid as Cold Snap Hits


SHREVEPORT, La. – As the first cold snap of the season descends upon the region, local aid organizations are stepping up their efforts to assist the homeless population. The Shreveport-Bossier Rescue Mission has initiated its inclement weather policy, ensuring that the shelter remains open around the clock.

Each year, over 700 people experiencing homelessness tragically succumb to hypothermia in the United States. This type of death is one of the most common and preventable during the colder months.

Pastor Larry Otwell, the executive director of The Shreveport-Bossier Rescue Mission, emphasized that teams are actively reaching out to individuals living on the streets and in camps to provide protection from the cold.

“When the temperature drops to 42 degrees or below, we activate our inclement weather policy due to the risk of hypothermia. This means we offer 24/7 intake, seven days a week,” Otwell stated. “If you are aware of someone residing in a camp or on the streets, please visit our social media page, send us an instant message with the information, and we will dispatch our street team to engage with them and encourage them to seek shelter from the harsh weather.”

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