Wiley College Transforms into Wiley University, Paving the Way for Future Generations


    Marshall, Texas — In a momentous shift, Wiley College has transitioned into Wiley University, marking a significant transformation for the institution’s future, as announced by university President Herman Felton.

    This change is more than just a name alteration; it signifies a profound evolution to better meet the needs of new and aspiring students, President Felton emphasized.

    The announcement, made on a joyous Friday, held special significance for this historically Black college with private support. Wiley College’s history dates back to 1873 when it initially bore the title of a university. However, due to limited academic offerings, it relinquished the university title in 1929.

    Returning to the designation of Wiley University is a momentous occasion, according to President Felton. He stated, “The significance of the name change may seem somewhat trivial for some, but we find it to be a natural progression of our institution, catapulting ourselves and really building the foundation for the next 150 years.”

    Evolving into a university expands the horizon for offering more undergraduate and graduate degree opportunities, in contrast to the limitations of a college status with fewer undergraduate programs.

    This change is also a symbol of the university reconnecting with its historical roots, according to Miss Wiley University Le’andria Jackson, who expressed her gratitude and appreciation for those who paved the way for future generations.

    EliJah Strong, another Wiley University student, highlighted the significance of the occasion, not only for Wiley University but also for Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) nationwide. Strong said, “To now be a part of the conversion of going back to Wiley University since 1929, it is an occasion that just brings a lot of excitement, and I know students can share the same excitement as we all do today.”

    President Felton believes that Wiley’s legacy is now poised for the future, and this transformation into a university marks a significant step forward.

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