ArkLaTex 100 Club Provides $12,000 Grant to Miller County Sheriff’s Office for K9 Officer Acquisition


TEXARKANA, Ark. – The ArkLaTex 100 Club has taken a significant step in enhancing law enforcement capabilities by awarding the Miller County Sheriff’s Office a grant of $12,000 for the procurement of a K9 officer.

For nearly 15 years, the Sheriff’s Office has operated without the invaluable support of a K9 officer. This grant marks a crucial turning point in their efforts to reinstate this vital asset.

Sheriff Wayne Easley expressed his relief and gratitude, emphasizing the financial relief this grant provides to the county. Notably, the acquisition of the K9 officer will be fully funded by the non-profit organization, sparing the taxpayers any financial burden.

The Miller County community has long awaited the presence of a K9 officer capable of detecting narcotics, aiding in tracking operations, and assisting in apprehensions.

The plan moving forward involves procuring a young Belgian Malinois from a reputable Texas breeder. Subsequently, the K9 officer will undergo training in Mississippi before being officially deployed in the line of duty.

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