Biden’s Climate Plan Bolsters Hydrogen Production with $7 Billion Investment

Joe biden

President Joe Biden’s comprehensive climate policy continues to expand, with the production of hydrogen emerging as a prominent component, often referred to as a “key pillar of Bidenomics.” This development coincides with a significant announcement of $7 billion in funding allocated for hydrogen hubs throughout the United States.

In addition to the emphasis on hydrogen, President Biden has been actively pursuing various green initiatives, including the advancement of offshore wind energy and the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. However, recent setbacks in both the offshore wind and electric vehicle industries have raised concerns, echoing the warnings of experts such as energy writer Robert Bryce and Manhattan Institute Senior Fellow Mark Mills.

Some experts are cautioning that the transition from fossil fuels to hydrogen may face similar challenges and economic hurdles as the mandates for electric vehicles and offshore wind development. Steve Goreham, an energy researcher and author of “Green Breakdown,” expressed his skepticism, stating, “We’re going to completely buy into a hydrogen economy with your federal tax dollars. It’s just impractical.”

One of the appealing features of hydrogen is that it produces no carbon dioxide when burned, making it a promising candidate for applications in heavy industry, which accounts for 40% of global carbon dioxide emissions. Replacing fossil fuels in heavy industry is a complex task, but hydrogen is seen as a potential solution to meet the sector’s energy demands. Hydrogen can also be harnessed for electricity generation, building heating, and transportation.

Hydrogen can be produced using various methods, each designated by a specific color. The hydrogen hubs that will receive the $7 billion in funding are actively pursuing diverse methods, including green hydrogen, which involves splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen through electrolysis, typically powered by wind and solar energy.

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