Foreign Policy and Israel-Hamas Conflict Take Center Stage in Republican Primary Debate


MIAMI – The upcoming third Republican primary debate in Miami is anticipated to place a strong focus on foreign policy and the Israel-Hamas war. As the field of candidates narrows, they aim to reduce Donald Trump’s lead, even though they won’t have the opportunity to challenge the former president in person.

Donald Trump has opted to skip the debate once again, opting to hold a rally in a nearby suburb instead. He cites his substantial lead in national and early state polls as the reason for his non-participation.

With the Iowa caucuses scheduled to kick off in January, no candidate has managed to significantly disrupt Trump’s dominance in the Republican primary thus far. Many contenders have directed their efforts towards one another, hoping to establish themselves as a credible alternative to the former president. This often involves emphasizing differences in foreign policy positions while also criticizing Trump for his comments about the Israeli prime minister and his statements regarding a group that attacked Israel being “very smart.”

Republican strategist David Kochel, who has advised numerous past presidential campaigns, noted that despite Trump’s absence from the stage, the debate offers an opportunity for figures such as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis or former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley to make their presence felt.

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