Grambling State University Presidential Search Committee and Upcoming Meeting Unveiled

Charting a New Course: Grambling State University Presidential Search Committee Unveiled


GRAMBLING, Louisiana – The University of Louisiana System (UL System) recently unveiled the highly anticipated Grambling State University Presidential Search Committee, marking a significant step in the quest to find the institution’s next leader. In a press release, the UL System also announced an upcoming meeting of the search committee scheduled for November 17, 2023, at 10 a.m. This committee is tasked with identifying and selecting the next president who will guide Grambling State University into a promising future.

Comprising a diverse group of individuals, the search committee boasts representation from UL System Board of Supervisors members and key figures from the Grambling community. The committee’s leadership includes:

Chair: Dr. Jim Henderson – UL System President and CEO (Non-Voting)
Co-Chair: Rick Gallot – Grambling State University President (Non-Voting)
UL System Board Chair: Elizabeth Pierre
UL System Board Member: Barry Busada
UL System Board Vice Chair: Dr. Jimmy Clarke
UL System Board Member: Steve Davison
UL System Board Member: Lola Dunahoe
UL System Board Member: Al Perkins
UL System Board Member: Virgil Robinson
UL System Board Member: Bailey Willis
GSU Faculty Senate President: Dr. Gary Poe

Non-Voting Members:
David Aubrey
Alvin Bradley
James Bradford
Wilber “Coach” Ellis
GSU SGA President: Alexa Johnson
Dr. Fredrick L. Pinkney
Dr. Tammy Richardson
Rodney Welch

The formation of this committee is a crucial step in the search for Grambling State University’s next president. Each member brings a unique perspective and expertise to the table, ensuring a comprehensive and inclusive approach to the selection process.

The upcoming search committee meeting on November 17, 2023, is expected to mark the beginning of an extensive and meticulous search process to identify a leader who will continue to foster academic excellence and innovation at Grambling State University. The Grambling community, alumni, and stakeholders eagerly await the committee’s decision as they take this significant step toward shaping the future of the university.

The Shreveport Sun previously reported on President Rick Gallot’s election as chair of the UL System here.

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