District G residents voice their concerns over bond issues

    How a proposed $29 million recreation bond divides a community


    SHREVEPORT, Louisiana – A community meeting was held by Shreveport City Councilwoman Ursula Bowman on Wednesday to get feedback from the residents of District G on the bond issues that are being proposed. The bond issues aim to address the needs of public safety, streets and drainage, water and sewer, parks and recreation, and other areas in the district.

    Many residents at the meeting complained about the bad state of the roads, especially Pines Road, which is slated to get $4.2M for full reconstruction in the draft of the bond proposal. Another issue that was raised was the flooding and damage in the Fox Crossing subdivision, which residents blame on the city’s water flow.

    “The ditch behind my house used to be so small that I could jump across it, but now it’s like a river,” said Imogene Williams, a resident of District G.

    The bond proposal projects are estimated to cost around $394M in total. The city’s Chief Administrative Officer Tom Dark says that the bond issues should be agreed upon by December or January.

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