Shreveport mother fights to get her children back from DCFS

A tragic tale of mental illness, child abuse, and state intervention


SHREVEPORT, Louisiana – Kerri Rose, a mother from Shreveport, is fighting to get her children back after they were taken away by the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS). She says she was falsely accused of drug use and that the DCFS caseworker announced the decision in a public place, humiliating her.

Rose says she was working hard to provide for her two children when she received a phone call from a DCFS caseworker in the summer of 2022. The caseworker asked to meet her in person, but instead of having a private conversation, he shouted from a distance that her children were now in the care of DCFS.

Rose was shocked and devastated by the news. She says she was clean and had no drugs in her system. She believes the DCFS acted without any evidence or due process. She has hired an attorney to challenge the decision and to reunite with her children.

She hopes that her story will raise awareness about the problems in the DCFS system and the rights of parents. She says she loves her children and misses them every day.

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