Shreveport’s $400 Million Bond Proposal – A Breakdown of Proposed Projects

Shreveport's Ambitious $400 Million Bond Proposal: A Comprehensive Overview


By Marcus M.
Published: November 10, 2023

The Shreveport Capital Improvements Committee is hard at work to address the city’s critical infrastructure needs. They are in the process of putting together a bond proposal worth a staggering $400 million that will be presented to voters in the upcoming spring. However, this ambitious endeavor requires a series of evaluations and approvals before it reaches the ballot.

The master list of projects has been finalized, totaling more than $392 million, with a significant portion of the funds, $140 million, allocated for water and sewer repairs. Let’s take a closer look at what these projects entail and where the money will go:

Public Safety:

  • Police and Fire Academy Renovations – $15 million: The Police and Fire Academy, dating back to the 1970s, urgently needs renovation and expansion to meet the needs of future recruits. This project will enhance classrooms, fitness areas, and facilities, with input from local architects to ensure the best possible outcome.
  • Police Substations – $5 million: An additional $5 million is needed to complete the construction of three approved police substations, aiding the decentralization of patrol officers.
  • Fire Station Renovations – $3 million: This project focuses on essential repairs and upgrades for several fire stations, including the addition of full-service generators for improved functionality.
  • New Fire Stations – $11 million: To accommodate modern fire equipment, this initiative replaces outdated fire stations in key areas and offers better locations for two of them.

Water and Sewer:

  • Various Water Projects – Approximately $46 million: Several vital water projects, including intake structure replacement and transmission main rehabilitation, aim to enhance the city’s water supply and treatment processes.
  • Sewer Projects – Up to $78 million: Projects to improve sewer lift stations, upgrade sewer lines under homes, and replace aging sewer interceptors are essential for improving the city’s sewer system’s reliability.


  • Swimming Pool Replacement – $4.5 million: Renovating existing swimming pools and adding splash pads at multiple locations will enhance recreational facilities.
  • Tennis Upgrades and Pickleball Courts – $700,000: Installing additional pickleball courts at various parks will provide more recreational options for residents.
  • Park Improvements and Upgrades – $1.3 million: This allocation includes roof replacements, restroom improvements, and playground upgrades across different parks.

Public Buildings:

  • Municipal Auditorium Ceiling Restoration and Painting – $2.5 million: Renovating the Municipal Auditorium’s ceiling will ensure safety during events and improve its aesthetics.
  • Hirsch Coliseum Renovations – $3.5 million: A renovation project for the Hirsch Coliseum aims to make it code-compliant and enhance its facilities.
  • Independence Stadium Upgrades – $3 million: Upgrades include painting, new field lighting, and improved seating in the stadium.
  • Convention Center – Parking Garage Waterproofing and Entry Area Upgrade – $2.3 million: Waterproofing the parking garage and upgrading entry features will enhance the Convention Center.
  • Riverview Theater Stage Rigging Upgrade – $700,000: This project focuses on upgrading stage rigging equipment for safer event management.
  • Sci-Port – Waterproofing, Interior, and IMAX Theater Finishes – $1.5 million: To address the aging infrastructure of Sci-Port, waterproofing and interior improvements are essential.
  • New Roof at Aquarium (Barnwell Center) – $1.2 million: Replacing the roof at the former Barnwell Center ensures the building’s longevity.
  • City-wide Parking Lot Improvements – $2 million: This funding will resurface and restripe the city’s parking lots to improve safety and functionality.
  • New Public Works Building – $5 million: Replacing outdated public works facilities with a new building will house various city departments and improve their operational efficiency.


  • Medical Corridor Improvements – $8 million: Upgrades along the Kings Highway medical corridor aim to match the scope and support any additional state or federal funding.
  • Fair Grounds Entrance Improvements – $3 million: Improving access to the State Fair Grounds from I-20 will enhance traffic flow and safety.
  • Monkhouse Drive Improvements and Beautification – $2 million: Aesthetic improvements and pavement reconstruction will enhance the first impression of Regional Airport.
  • Bridge Improvements/Replacements – $8 million: Rehabilitating or replacing four bridges is necessary for public safety and functionality.
  • Linwood Avenue Bridge Rehab – $3.3 million: This project focuses on rehabilitating the Linwood Avenue bridge to reopen it without weight restrictions, providing a cost-effective alternative to replacement.
  • Various Street Reconstruction Projects – Up to $69.3 million: Numerous street reconstruction projects aim to improve road conditions and safety throughout the city.


  • Red River Erosion at Fant Parkway – $2 million: Addressing erosion along the Red River bank near Fant Parkway will help maintain the walking trail and protect the parkway.
  • Purchase of Flood-Prone Properties – $1.5 million: This allocation supports property owners in relocating from flood-prone areas.
  • Brush Bayou Ditch Panel Replacements – $2 million: Addressing paved ditch deficiencies identified by the Corps of Engineers is essential for drainage improvements.
  • Paved Ditch Repairs – $2 million: This project ensures contingency funding for addressing paved ditch failures caused by heavy rains.
  • Neighborhood Drainage Projects – $2 million: Funding neighborhood drainage improvements as requested by citizens will enhance local flood control measures.


  • Parking Garage – $10.8 million: A 300-space parking garage will facilitate downtown development and support potential housing conversions.

The grand total for these essential projects amounts to $392.9 million. The proposal will undergo further evaluation and approval processes, including assessment by the Mayor, before reaching the ballot. The Shreveport community has much to look forward to as these projects aim to enhance the city’s infrastructure, safety, and overall quality of life.

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