Shooting Incident Unfolds at Shreveport YMCA Parking Lot | Update: Deceased Victim Identified

Rising Tide of Violence: Shreveport's Homicide Surge Sparks Urgent Concerns and Calls for Action


Shreveport, Louisiana – The Caddo Parish Coroner has identified the latest victim of the rising wave of violence that has gripped Shreveport. 24-year-old Marvin Carter lost his life on Sunday evening, succumbing to multiple gunshot wounds in the parking lot of the YMCA located in the 3400 block of Knight Street.

The incident, occurring just before 5:30 p.m., not only claimed Carter’s life but also left another individual with life-threatening gunshot wounds. Both victims were rushed to Ochsner LSU Health Hospital, where tragically, Marvin Carter was pronounced dead at 5:56 p.m.

This devastating event marks the 74th homicide in Caddo Parish in 2023, with Shreveport alone accounting for 69 of those cases. The alarming frequency of such incidents raises serious concerns about the safety and security of the community.

In 2022, Shreveport witnessed a total of 47 recorded homicides, which was sadly seen as progress. Today, the city is on pace to nearly double the 2022 mark by the end of the year. This stark increase in violence reflects a troubling trend that demands urgent attention from law enforcement, community leaders, and citizens alike.

As authorities investigate the circumstances surrounding Marvin Carter’s death, an autopsy has been ordered to shed light on the details of this tragic incident. The local community is left grappling with the reality of a city that has seen a significant rise in homicides, prompting a collective call for action to address this concerning trend.

The surge in homicides underscores the need for a comprehensive approach, involving not only law enforcement but also community engagement, mental health resources, and initiatives to tackle the underlying issues contributing to the increase in violent crime. Shreveport must come together to find solutions and restore a sense of security and peace to its residents.

Original Story:

SHREVEPORT, Louisiana – A reported shooting incident brought emergency crews to the YMCA on Knight Street in Shreveport on Sunday night, November 12, 2023. The incident occurred around 5:30 p.m. in the parking lot near Flyer Drive and Champion Lake Boulevard, situated just off Clyde Fant Memorial Parkway close to the Red River.

According to the Shreveport Police Department, two individuals were shot in the YMCA parking lot and attempted to seek refuge inside the facility. As of now, the severity of their injuries remains unknown. The incident prompted the swift response of at least 10 units from the Shreveport Police Department, as indicated by Caddo Parish 911 dispatch records.

The exact details surrounding the shooting are currently limited, and no additional information is available at this time. Local authorities are actively investigating the incident, and updates will be provided as more details emerge.

The community remains on edge as law enforcement works to determine the circumstances surrounding the shooting. The YMCA, a place typically associated with health and recreation, has become the center of a concerning event that underscores the need for heightened awareness of public safety.

Residents are encouraged to stay informed through official channels as the investigation unfolds, and local authorities work to ensure the well-being and security of the community.

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