Spate of Vandalism Strikes Downtown Shreveport, Leaving Businesses in Cleanup Mode

    Downtown Shreveport businesses were significantly damaged by overnight vandalism


    Downtown Shreveport faced a wave of vandalism overnight, causing significant damage to several businesses, as reported by the Shreveport Downtown Development Authority (DDA). The Missing Link on Texas Street was one of the victims, with a shattered front window prompting the closure of the restaurant for cleanup and repairs.

    In response, business owners shared a photo of the damaged window, informing customers of the temporary closure. The Missing Link also revealed that at least nine other businesses in the downtown area had been similarly targeted.

    The DDA disclosed that the Shreveport Police have initial descriptions of the vandals and are actively retrieving surveillance footage from multiple locations for review. The affected businesses, grappling with the aftermath of this unfortunate incident, are working together with law enforcement to bring those responsible for the vandalism to justice.


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