The Shreveport Sun Online Is Searching For Writers and Contributors

Seeking New Voices to Continue a Legacy of Community-Centric Reporting

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SHREVEPORT, Louisiana – The Shreveport Sun, a beacon of African American journalism in Louisiana since 1920, has been a cornerstone in chronicling the journey and struggles of the African American community in Shreveport. With a rich history of advocacy, the newspaper has stood as a testament to the power of the press in shaping community narratives and highlighting key social issues. As the Sun evolves into the digital era, it seeks to broaden its journalistic team, inviting new talents to join its mission of delivering respectful, unbiased news that promotes cultural advancement.

Founded by Melvin Lee Collins Sr., an influential community leader and high school principal, The Shreveport Sun has served as a voice for the African American community in Louisiana for over a century. The newspaper has not only reported local news but has also been a crucial platform for discussing racial injustices and promoting civil rights. It played a pivotal role in covering significant events like the 1941 game between Louisiana Negro Normal and Industrial Institute and Louisiana Polytechnic Institute, and the legal challenges faced by the NAACP in 1958.

Under the leadership of successive generations of the Collins family, including Melvin Lee Collins Jr. and Sonya Collins Landry, the Sun has continually adapted to the changing media landscape. Moving beyond its traditional weekly print format, The Shreveport Sun Online now aims to extend its reach through digital mediums, including a dedicated website and social media platforms.

The Shreveport Sun’s current focus includes diversifying its content with segments on local restaurant and small business reviews, entertainment, sports, political commentary, opinion-editorials, and fashion advice. Recognizing the importance of positive representation, the publication has committed to refraining from publishing mugshots and arrest photos, instead focusing on content that uplifts and promotes cultural progress.

The Sun is actively searching for journalists, bloggers, contributors, and freelancers who share its vision of providing thoughtful, unbiased, and culturally respectful news. This initiative is more than just a call for content creators; it’s an invitation to be a part of a legacy that values the dignity and stories of historically marginalized communities.

The Shreveport Sun stands as a historical pillar in African American journalism, continuously adapting and evolving to meet the needs of its community. As it embarks on a new chapter in the digital age, the newspaper extends an open invitation to voices that resonate with its mission. It’s an opportunity to be part of a platform uniquely reflective of Shreveport’s identity, dedicated to serving and uplifting the community.

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