Arrest of 61-Year-Old in Shreveport Park Sexual Assault Case

Arrest of 61-Year-Old in Shreveport Park Sexual Assault Case


SHREVEPORT, Louisiana – On November 19, around 6 PM, Shreveport Police officers were dispatched to the 2200 block of East Bert Kouns Industrial Loop following reports of a sexual assault. The incident, which took place in a city park, involved an unexpected and alarming attack on a victim in their vehicle.

According to the victim’s account, the suspect, later identified as 61-year-old Gerald Flarity, approached the vehicle while it was parked in the park. After attracting the victim’s attention by tapping on the window, Flarity allegedly committed the assault as soon as the victim lowered the window. It is reported that Flarity reached through the window and inappropriately grabbed the victim’s genitals.

In response to this disturbing incident, the Shreveport Police Department initiated a thorough investigation, which led to the prompt arrest of Gerald Flarity. He is currently facing charges of sexual battery. This swift action by the police underscores their commitment to ensuring safety and justice in the community.

Chief Wayne Smith and the department have urged anyone with additional information regarding this case or similar incidents to come forward. Their appeal highlights the importance of community cooperation in tackling such serious offenses and preventing future incidents.

The arrest of Gerald Flarity is a significant development in the Shreveport Police Department’s ongoing efforts to combat sexual violence. It serves as a reminder of the department’s dedication to maintaining public safety and the crucial role of community vigilance and cooperation in achieving this goal.

All arrested and/or accused persons are presumed innocent. For this reason, The Shreveport Sun does not publish arrest photos or mugshots, except in cases where a credible threat to public safety exists.

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