Recount Set for Historic Caddo Sheriff Race Decided by A Single Vote

Henry Whitehorn Wins in a Remarkably Close Race; Recount Scheduled for November 27

Courtesy of KTBS3 News

CADDO, Louisiana – In a stunning display of democracy’s razor-thin margins, the Caddo Parish Sheriff election concluded with a dramatic finish. Henry Whitehorn emerged as the victor by a mere one-vote lead, a rare occurrence in electoral politics.

The election, which took place on Saturday, was closely monitored by political analysts and the community alike. Whitehorn, securing 21,621 votes, narrowly defeated John Nickelson, who garnered 21,620 votes. This extraordinary outcome underscores the significance of each individual vote in a democratic process.

Political analyst Scott Hughes expressed his amazement at the result, noting that while close races are not uncommon in smaller elections, such a tight margin in a poll with over 43,000 voters is exceptional. Hughes pointed out the irony that, despite the closeness of the race, over 70% of eligible voters did not participate, reinforcing the adage that every vote is crucial.

Nickelson, in the wake of this nail-biting finish, announced his intention to request a recount at his election party. The Caddo Clerk of Court’s office has scheduled this recount for Monday, November 27. Hughes speculated that the recount could uncover one or two additional votes, potentially altering the election’s outcome.

The recount process is expected to be a meticulous one, with both candidates keenly observing the proceedings. Hughes hopes this will bring closure to the race, allowing the certified winner to assume office without further legal challenges.

As the current Sheriff, Steve Prator, continues his term until June 30, 2024, the Caddo Parish awaits the final resolution of this extraordinary election. This event serves as a powerful reminder of the impact of every single vote and the unpredictability inherent in the democratic process.

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